Born in Michigan, Michelle Hinebrook is a contemporary artist living in Brooklyn, New York, best-known for her abstract paintings and glass sculptures. Her work explores geometric abstraction, lending a new perspective to our emotions, memory, perception and sensory experiences. Her paintings are a study of light and movement, subverting the way we see what’s in front of us. Her paintings reflect an intense interest in new media, color theory, visual perception and natural patterns.

Hinebrooks work has been internationally exhibited, commissioned, collected, published and reviewed. Hinebrook's paintings have been featured in over 50 group exhibitions, 18 solo shows and are also included several public and corporate collections. Various institutions have invited Hinebrook to serve as visiting artist/critic or lecturer, including the College for Creative Studies, College Art Association, Pratt Institute, University of Michigan, BGS University, Urban Glass, Snowfarm, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Artist Space, Parsons, Western Carolina University, and Nurture Art. She is currently a resident artist at XO Projects in Brooklyn, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute and Visiting Instructor at Urban Glass. 


Through painting and sculpture, I study geometric scintillation patterns and white light refractions through faceted forms – radiant prismatic color across geometric planes. The use of three dimensional planes creates the experience of an image that can be negotiated physically, where surfaces extrude, angle, or recede. 

Beginning with observation, research, and assemblage of drawings, I distill compositions and geometric structures into mental, physical, and emotional spaces. Driven by geometric complexity, including patterned layers of encoded information, intricate crystallographic structures, and photographic imagery, and supported by color, I unearth new visual experiences. Color – emotional, symbolic, and cosmic – presents and both activates and reveals emotions to recall personal associations and past experiences buried deep in the subconscious. 

Intrigued with the possibilities of seeing/perceiving the worlds beyond my natural visual range, I use digital methods and optical imaging technologies/devices. This pulls back the surfaces of things and distorts imagery or reveals hidden worlds, allowing me to observe inner patterns that exist microscopically. 

I combine painting with sculptural elements to create dimensional paintings that transform physical and pictorial space. This expands the space, color, shape and pattern in my paintings, into complex 3-dimensional objects and negotiates both interior/exterior spaces to demonstrate poly-perspectivalness.



 2003-2005 MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art, Painting, with a concentration in Design, honors.

1998-2001 BFA College for Creative Studies, Visual Communication, honors.

Selected SOLO Exhibitions

2016 Blacklist, New York, NY “Michelle Hinebrook” 

2012 Hallway Gallery, Seattle, WA “Inner Light” 

2011 LTS Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Edelman Gallery, “Off the Grid” New York, NY

2010 101 Exhibit Gallery, Miami, FL 

Hallway Gallery, Seattle, WA

Pew Foundation for the Arts with Project 4 Gallery, Washington, DC, “Art + Space”

2008 David Klein Gallery, Birmingham, MI, “Gesture and Geometry” 

Maryland Center for the Arts, Annapolis, MD “Color and Form”

2007 Foley Gallery, New York, NY, “Enveloped”

Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Denmark, “Subtle Bodies"


2014  101 Exhibit Gallery, Los Angeles, CA "Koi No Yokan II"

2013 Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn NY, “Gowanus Artists”

Hewitt Gallery of Art, New York, “Self Similarity in Math, Nature and Art”

2012 Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark, “Art Copenhagen”

Center Galleries, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, "Directors Choice"

2010 Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI "WARP"

2009 Civilian Art Projects, Washington DC, “Spaces Between Spaces”

2008 Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark, “All Stars”

Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY, “I Dream of Genomes”

2007 Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY, “Summer Show”

2006 Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY, “The Optical Edge”

McKenzie Fine Art, New York, NY, “World Without End”

Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI, “Selections”

Museum of New Art, Pontiac, MI, “The Next Big Thing”


2009-2014 Pratt Institute, Graduate Communications Design, New York, NY, Assistant Chair

2011-2014 Graduate Communication Design Gallery Program Coordinator

2004-2002 Student Life Program Coordinator, College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI


2019 Teaching Residency, Snowfarm, The Center for New England Crafts

2017- present Visiting Instructor, Urban Glass, Brooklyn NY

2009-present Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Communication Design, Pratt Institute, New York, NY

2008-2009 Adjunct Instructor, Undergraduate Communication Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

2008-2010 Art Educator, Nurture Art Brooklyn, NY

2008-2009 Art Educator, Joan Mitchell Foundation New York, NY

2008-2009 Art Educator, Marquis Studios Brooklyn, NY

2007-2009 Art Teacher, PS 21 Studio in a School Organization New York, NY

2007-2009 Art Instructor, Young Audiences Organization New York, NY

2006-2004 Graduate Teaching Assistant to Department Chair in Painting, Bloomfield Hills, MI

2004-2005 Art Instructor, Cranbrook Summer Art Institute Bloomfield Hills, MI

2002-2004 Art Instructor, Lloyd Scholars Program. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

2002-2000 Adjunct Instructor, Design/Illustration/Digital Media, College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI


Visiting Lecturer, CAA and Artisin, LLC, Newark, NJ 

Visiting Artist and Critic, College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI 

Visiting Artist and Critic, Bowling Green State University, OH 

Visiting Artist and Critic, Virgina Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 

Visiting Artist and Critic, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

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